Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Who comes to the Desert?

Last night we were at the Gospel Rescue Mission in Tucson, AZ. The GRM provides a nightly meal and a chapel service for men who find themselves in need. Different area churches participate in providing this chapel service. I am the worship team leader at Grace Chapel in Benson, AZ. We provide a chapel service for the GRM once a month. Each time we see the room full of 50 to 80 men. Most of these men are homeless. The question is from where have they come? And where are they going?

One man came and spoke with us after the service. He was talking about how unbearably hot it was. I said it had been a mild summer so far and I told him I was an Arizona native. He assured me that it was hot. I learned that he was from New Hampshire, but he had been in Arizona for six years. Now I know why he thought the weather was HOT! I wish I had gotten to know more of this man's story. What had his life's journey been like? What brought him from New Hampshire to Arizona? Where had he been along the way? What experiences had caused him to fall on hard times. I told him that I did not wish him luck but the hope to see God work in his life.

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