Friday, June 26, 2009

The Desert Is Alive

I live in a unique part of the United States. But the desert is normal to me. Those who don't live in the desert have various notions about what it is like. Those who come to visit have different reactions. Whatever you think of the desert, let me tell you the desert is alive! Like any eco system the signs of life are everywhere. God has enabled life to thrive in an harsh environment.

I love to walk in the desert. The plant and animal life are still fascinating to me. A few years ago we lived east of the San Pedro River in southeastern Arizona on 9 acres. Our property bordered some state land so we had a large area to explore. We would go out with our 3 dogs early in the morning. We would follow trails made by free range cattle and dry washes that would meander around thinning out and then opening up into wide areas. We would follow the wash over to the railroads tracks where there was a culvert under the tracks to let the wash continue. You see water from the Dragoon mountains comes down these washes when it rains as flash-flooding. The force of the water is more than you might think but only lasts a little while. That's why the paths of the washes can change. So, every time we went for a walk we would always be on a new adventure.